Sunday, July 28, 2013

Soul matters. Harp & Soul, too

And so came the CD launch day. Shimokitazawa, a stylish neighborhood near the yet stylish Shibuya, was the place where the party was. Sad memories of a happy past link me with Shimokitazawa and its streets, making the short walk to join my friends a long one…

I have introduced the 'Harp & Soul' all-female band already. After just a bit longer than a year, these girls decided to put a few songs together into a album, record a CD and throw a party to celebrate the accomplishment, play some covers as well,  and give some CDs away to friends and family who gathered for the occasion. With autographs. Like big stars. Special guest was also a cellist, who often joins H&S in their gigs around town. Dressing code was white and green for H&S to recall the album title "Lemongrass" and the cover picture as well. Oh, I absolutely loved the green skirt with white flowers applications worn by Aimee!!!

I managed to arrive earlier than planned and earlier than door opening time, and that gave me the opportunity to take, undisturbed, a few pictures of the girls while they were preparing and checking mikes and sounds and instruments. This was also possible because the two very serious and strict persons at the reception allowed me in…thanks Nat and George!!

I always fall into ecstasy mode when I attend live concerts, especially this one. Do I relate? Do I dream? Do I think? Do I simply listen? Do I get carried away? I don't really know what happens. But feelings are strong and tears keep coming out. Meh, sentimentalist? Hopeless romantic? We'll never know. 

While I was in this toti-proof bubble where all I could focus was the pinching of the guitar and harp wires, I was looking with new eyes at things I am so glad they exist, especially the most important one: human ability to create music, sounds that reach every corner, trespass every body to reach every soul and make emotions surface. I am also glad that I know such capable humans, who manage to bring their thoughts into words, into notes, into songs, into something that becomes alive and pulsating and starts living on its own. I am also glad that other people, friends, are there to participate and take this living entity in, breath it, listen to it, assimilate it. I saw in the audience proud parents, smiling friends, silent friends with their minds somewhere else, vigorous supporters. I saw eyes communicating awe, love, realization, sadness,  concentration, dedication, passion, admiration.

When the music was over, we all came back from that place in our own heads where we are free to wander, and returned to an ordinary, laud, chatty party for H&S CD launch. Too bad I couldn't stay longer and spend some quality time with Kaoru, nat, Jonah, George, and the others. The long way home was indeed long, and mellow. 

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