Japanese diet

Photographic journey in Japanese foodies and goodies.

しあぶしあぶ (Shabu shabu, or pork and veggies soup. They bring food and pots, you cook)

寿司 (Sushi)

お好み焼き (okonomiyaki, litterally: with whatever you like. Self-cooked at the restaurant) and たこ焼き (tacoyaki, or grilled octopus. There's one tiny bit of a octopus tenctacle in each egg&flour ball. Self-cooked at the restaurant)

Now follows a long list of stuff you can get at a typical 居酒屋 (Izakaya,Japanese equivalent of our pub)
刺身 and 焼き鳥 (sashimi, raw fish, and yakitori, chicken meat on sticks)

Various versions of grilled meat...

Fresh and fried 豆腐 (tofu, or soybeans cheese)

Fried onion rings and avocado with ham...

枝豆 and チジ三 (edamame, soybeans, and chijimi, Korean syle pancake)

Now,a dinner to remember in a family-run hotel in Nikko. Service was divine and taste of everything was heavenly good :-)
天ぷら and 刺身 (tempura and sashimi) plus other side dishes, meat cooked on a maple leaf and a tofu pudding were the best.

Travelling, one discovers many local dishes and recipes. In Okinawa we found:
ラーメン and そば (ramen and soba noodels)

ピーナツ豆腐 and ごやチャンプル (peanut tofu and goya champuru, which is a typical Okinawan gurd pan-fried with egg and tofu)

うみぶどう (umibudo or sea grape -seaweed-) and snake-flavored sake. They believe this drink can have good effects on men...and it is super expensive.

One of the many types of seaweed (un tipo di alga...)

In Shimoda, Izu:

In Fukuoka, Kyushu: alive squid and mackerel sashimi and ramen

Mochi rice cake with anko paste.


  1. sai che questa pagina sembra uno di quei menu con foto fuori dai ristoranti/bar/trattorie/etc. per turisti spaesati che altrimenti non saprebbero cosa stanno ordinando? :D


    PS comunque prenderei l'ottavo a destra partendo dall'alto ;)

  2. E infatti nei ristoranti giappi il menu ha tante ma tante immagini :)
    Che, puoi ben immaginare, è utilissima per chi non sa leggere il giapponese e non sa cosa aspettarsi..almeno cosi hai una anteprima di ciò che mangerai no?
    Che sono avanti sti giappi!