I like EngRish

AHH, the beauty of EngRish!!!

EngRish example 1: how to use properly adjectives and nouns...

Foreign...does it perhaps mean that foreigners on board can't use those toilets? Or perhaps they're making sure that we use only made in Japan stuff?
Furnished..oh no!!! How do I furnish a made in japan toilet paper? I supose I have to use only made in Japan furniture? o__O;

EngRish example2: new words creation

without words.
any ideas?

EngRish example 3: wonder whether it makes sense really...

EngRish example 4: with/out

If you don't like stuff with dried bonito shavings, why not try the one with OUTdried bonito shavings?

EngRish example 5: doubts

Pedestrian yes or pedestrian no?your bet...

EngRish example 6: behavior

respect the rules, don't smoRke here

EngRish example 7: follow the instructions carefully

EngRish example 8: enhancement

The Japanese reading is 'gugias', so now...is it a good+gorgeous fusion or a gorgeous gone wrong?For sure it is goOgeous!!!

EngRish example 9: classes of nouns

As there's the librARY to keep books, as there's the diARY to keep daily notes, there's the accessARY, to keep the accesses.....or the access keys?

EngRish example 10: food


EngRish example 11: cautions

EngRish example 12: emphasize

Waaaaaaait right here, this new shop is commmmmmmming soonnnnn!!!

EngRish example 13: stimulation of senses

Fried potatoes have never 'sounded' better... .

EngRish example 14: Choices

Why ordering just wine, when you can have gRass wine?

EngRish example 15: Personification

Kaitenzushi, or sushi served on a conveyor belt, becomes Susi and rotates!!!

EngRish example 16: Transformation

From daily casual to a cheesy product. Well, speaking of socks...

EngRish example 16: Airline menu

This is made in an airplane!!!

EngRish example 17: the place to be

The here is the coolest place to eat...

EngRish example 18: shiny self promotion

Our potato, cabbage, carrot and rice are made to glow!

EngRish example 19: unique safety

If you see a hand on a handrail, please don't take it out. It will get cold. And don't plase a thing...plase something else.

EngRish example 20: free items are priceless

This magazine is priceless. I mean, without price. I mean, free.

EngRish example 21: when in doubt...

stay away from doubtful things


  1. LOL begivatable! ahah!

    Ieri ho avuto 2 connessioni dal tuo sito e oggi una... tu si che mi ami! :D (tu o i tuoi lettori, ne)

  2. HEY! Bene,buon per noi ne!! Questo significa anche che io, me medesima ho lettori :D
    Senti, sei ancora in Italia o sei gia' tornato?Se ti chiedessi di farmi avere una copia del tuo libro (da acquistare, ovviamente), saro' accontentata?
    Alla prossima