Sunday, June 22, 2014

Beer, Soccer and Oneness

Speaking again of the world cup, I was often asked whether I am going to follow the games and (after I commented that I don't follow soccer and that I am completely ignorant) why am I not?…after all this is the World Cup!

Seriously, I am not a soccer fan. I am immune to all the jokes and the comments about my nation's team, whether they sing the anthem or not, whether they suck or not, whether they lose or not…but if with the excuse of a game we decide to go out and have some drinks in front of a TV screen, then I can very well "suffer" together with coach Prandelli about the fate of Italy's team.

So yes, Italy plays its second game at 1am on Saturday, Japan time, and what we decide to do is to get together around 11pm on a Friday, hit the road by car (yes, we are that blessed to have a car, a sober driver, Depeche Mode in the stereo and a table reservation at a British pub in the neighborhood of Tokyo Sky Tree) and rejoice or despair about the result of the game. And laugh at all those poor Japs who passed out at their tables in the middle of the game.

We were the only foreign people in the place, and the loudest of course. D, my one and only sensei, this time was giving the A to Z class on soccer to Jayz, who needed it more than me. I just listened aside, concealing my amazement at how much a person can know about everything…

Anyhow, it was a nice game to watch, with a Costa Rica all into defending and pressing and a Italy with a million of missed chances to score, too close-marked to be performing well. Poor Mario, the lone striker in the team, lost his cool quickly…how to blame him. Italy lost, leaving Gloria (no better choice of a name for a glorious person, man) and Motakis a little annoyed, they needed anything but 1-0 for their betting.

Around 3:30am we hit the road again, the sky already brightening, the roads silent and traffic-free, the cool morning air making me shiver.

There I was in the car, resting my head on my friend's lap and having my moment of connection with the universe, watching the buildings and roads light pass by, nearly oblivious to the conversation, and thinking that I couldn't ask for more: good company, drinks, a ride back home, a hug, kisses and a comfy bed at home where I passed out instantly.

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