Monday, November 12, 2012

The other women

They know how to do it.
They are beautiful, well groomed and perfect in every detail, from head to toe, they follow fashion without fail.
Their face skin is flawless and always young, their bodies in shape and well proportioned, their hair is soft, their legs smooth and their lips glossed.
They have confidence, perhaps self-consciousness too, they seem to hold the secret of life.
Fearless they walk, fierce and proud, they don't care the looks, don't notice the stare, they're superior beings.
I will never be like them.

This is how I see them and how I see myself. I lack the self-assurance to do like they do, to walk like they walk, to be social like they are. I have too many insecurities, I have a critical eye on myself, I don't like my face, my smile, my legs, my body shape, I can't win against my rebel hair, I have no solution for a smooth and  young skin. I try to show confidence, but I miserably fail, I always look at them and secretly admire them, wishing I could be as natural.

Then there they are, the Japanese version. They dedicate a lot of time and attention to their looks, and they too don't care about what other people say. But, they don't know how to be natural, spontaneous…you see them walking in their funny way, in constantly precarious equilibrium, too busy in fixing their eyelashes to pay attention in buying shoes of the right size, too occupied in choosing the pattern for their fingernails to put on decently matched clothes…
Still, I admire them too, they believe in themselves, and that's enough.

This quintessential beauty photo was taken by a talented fashion photographer Scott Shuman.
His works can be found HERE 
 I love 'The Sartorialist'

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